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Erika specializes in teaching slim flow yoga and often incorporates strength-based moves into her classes. She enjoys life, loves yoga, and is happy to guide you through the natural flow of your asanas, the seamless integration of feeling. Each stage which arranged by her is not only enjoyment of body and mind, but also a careful carving of the body shaping.

With her wealth of knowledge, Erika has helped many students to successfully reduce fat and gain a healthy and fit body, which has also inspired her sense of honour and creativity. Currently, her courses incorporate more practical gadgets, such as Elastic bands, large and small balls, etc., not only enrich the course, but also lead students to experience the body more realistically and sculpt the body from more angles.

Erika 擅长教授瘦身流瑜伽,并经常将基于力量的动作融入她的课程。她热爱生活,热爱瑜伽,并乐意引导您享受自己在体式中自然流动,无缝衔接的融合感觉。她安排的每个序列即是身心的一种享受,又是对体形的一次次精雕细琢。