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Lydia has many years of experience in gymnastics and dance. As a dance teacher, it was a natural step for her to start teaching yoga and imparting knowledge. She has been teaching yoga since 2008, during her Yoga career, she went to India for in-depth study with Iyengar and other international masters. Yoga ABS brand eventually founded in 2016 and developed Yoga slimming course. Lydia led the team to be at the forefront of the development of the yoga industry in Sydney and trained more than 100 yoga instructors and more than 5,000 yoga members.

Lydia makes hard effort into Yoga learning and constantly improve skills. Her classes are meticulous, profound, and interesting. Her passion for Yoga and life experience makes the class full of joy and happiness.  she opens the door for people who keen on Yoga world.

Lydia在体操和舞蹈方面拥有多年经验,作为一名舞蹈老师,她开始教授瑜伽和传授知识是很自然的一步,她从2008年开始教授瑜伽,期间多次到印度师深度学习,师从艾扬格等国际大师。并与2016年创立yoga abs 瑜伽品牌。亲自参与研发了yoga abs品牌瘦身课程,带领团队走在悉尼瑜伽行业发展的前沿,培养了超过100多名瑜伽教练毕业生和超过5000名瑜伽会员。