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With more than 10,000 hours of yoga teaching experience, thousands of successful cases of weight loss, and 16 years of teaching and learning in the fitness industry, her teaching has formed her own unique style. The Yoga abs slimming course scientifically integrates multiple fitness elements such as yoga, Pilates, strength training, functional training, etc., and expresses it in the simplest asana, which is smart but not fancy, and breeds strength in silence. It also effectively help female body shaping and spiritual exploration. She has successfully held fitness lectures in Beijing CPPCC, Tsinghua University, Sydney Royal Dance School, etc., and has a wide range of influence in the women workplace.

超过10000课时瑜伽授课经验,上千例瘦身成功案例,十六年健身行业的教与学,让她的教学形成了自己独特的风格。所研发的Yoga abs瘦身课程更是将瑜伽,普拉提,力量训练,功能性训练等多元健身元素进行科学的融合,并以最简单的体式表现出来,灵动而不花俏,沉静中孕育力量。有效地帮助女性形体的塑造及内在的探索。曾在中国北京政协机关,清华大学,悉尼皇家舞蹈学校等处成功举办健身讲座,在职场女性圈里有着广泛的影响力。